About Me

Mr Joselito Dela Cruz BSc. MSc. Osteopathy UK

Hello! I’m Jose

UK Registered Osteopath

Having been qualified for 27 years I still find my job very interesting and fulfilling.

Over the years I continually attend courses not only as part of my continuing professional development but also to be able to help my patient’s and friend’s myriad of health problems.

 I enjoy giving a natural form of therapy that involves the body being able to adapt to its environment. In this way, the body can re-balance, re-align and re-establish a better way to function within the person’s particular circumstances. There is no one remedy for all but it is rewarding when I help the body being able to tolerate life in a better way

My Approach & Values

 * Helping your body’s healing mechanism to overcome your problem.

* Correcting imbalances from muscle tension, joint restriction, ligament strain, by using my hands to relieve your pain and discomfort.

* Searching for other body areas that contributes to your problem from long/short leg syndrome, dropped arches, sway back posture etc.

*  Giving advice to correct sleeping posture, sitting posture alignment, exercise prescription and general ergonomic advice.

Giving injury prevention advice and long term management of pain relief.


My Experience

  • 27 years of Osteopathic Clinical Experience
  • Clinic tutor and Technique Lecturer in various UK Osteopathic institution and Berlin (Germany).
  • Worked in the United Kingdom, Beijing (China), Berlin (Germany), Manila (Philippines) and Singapore

My Education

  • Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy 1992
  • Master of Science in Osteopathy 2004
  • Trigger Point -Dry Needling for Pain Management & Sports Injuries 2008
  • Biodynamic view of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (Adults and Children)
  • On-going Post-graduate courses e.g. Applied Kinesiology

I Work With Ordinary people, Sports men/women, The young & Elderly.

Ordinary People

Commonly helping people with back pain, neck stiffness, posture or work related injuries

Sports Men/Women

Most often relieving joint strain and muscle pull and repetitive injuries

Young & Elderly

They respond better with milder/softer approach of treatment.

About Me

Alvin Goh – Clinical Massage Therapist

Hello! I’m Alvin

Clinical Massage Therapist


I am from Malaysia and have been working in Singapore for 4 years. I started my work in therapy  in a local spa trained in the basics of stress relieving massage.

Since I started working at OPRC I have had additional training in Clinical Anatomy and management of various conditions. I had direct training by Jose in the aspects of taking consultations and examination of common musculoskeletal problems. This understanding has helped in further developing my skills and direct prescriptive referrals from Jose allows me to follow specific specific treatment clinical massage for each patient.


My Approach & Values

* I always strive to do my best for my patients

*I work to release specific muscles and other soft-tissue injuries.




My Experience

  • 2 years providing stress release massage at a local spa
  • 9 months of ongoing clinical anatomy and patient management.

    I offer Different Types of Massage

    Sports Massage

    The aim is to get sports men/women to continue with their sports by alleviating muscle/tendon injuries.

    Stress Release Massage

    Calming the nervous system allowing you to rest your mind during the therapy.

    Deep Soft Tissue Massage

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