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Happy holidays Dec 2015

CLINIC HOURS 25th Dec – Dec 27th Closed 28th Dec 12 noon- 6pm Clinical Massage only with Miles , (no osteopath available-sorry) 29th Dec – 3rd Jan 2016 Closed 4th Jan 2016 Osteopath- Jose will be back to work 8th Jan 2016 Massage Therapist Ronald will be back to...

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Update: Evidenced Based Medicine

Update: Evidenced Based Medicine Background Osteopathic manipulation is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders for example back pain, neck pain and sports injuries. Manipulation relies on focussed attention to tight muscles, locked joint, strained muscle groups and...

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Beyond Spa Massage

Beyond Spa Massage Clinical Massage @OPRC will relieve your muscle tightness even better, giving you longer pain relief. Our physical therapists can release your deep muscle knots because their clinical experience allows them to work on every muscle layer often missed...

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