As an Osteopath, I help people suffering from body ailments often related to injuries from over working in the office, injuries from sporting activities, stress related tension, pregnancy related tensions, manual labour injuries, recreational injuries etc. I help by correcting imbalances in the tissues and using a variety of techniques that helps the person’s healing abilities overcome their problems.

After 30 years of practice, I have a very good sense of finding which tissues in the body that are strained or stressed. I particularly like working with the person’s healing mechanism to rebalance their body and encourage its full potential back to normal health.

– Mr. Joselito dela Cruz BSc. MSc. Osteopathy UK, Senior Osteopath at OPRC

Jose maybe able to help with following conditions:

Arthritic Pain
Digestion problems
Circulatory problems
Frozen shoulder/ shoulder and elbow pain/ tennis elbow
Joint pains
Hip and knee pain
General, acute & chronic backache, back pain
Generalised aches and pains
Migraine prevention
Rheumatic pain
Sports injuries and tensions
Tension and Inability to relax
Hip and knee pain
Muscle spasms
Neck pain

Variety of Tools which Jose uses:

Osteopathic mobilisation including gentle spinal manipulation.

Biodynamics Cranial Osteopathy.

Trigger point therapy (Dry needling).

Exercise therapy and Rehabilitation.

Soft-tissue/Therapeutic therapy.


Our New payments systems allows patients to pay for their treatments via a link in an email sent at the end of their sessions. This will allow patients a more convenient way to settle their accounts reducing their waiting time allowing them to continue with their day without interruption.

Jose’s opening hours May

July 2nd Tuesday – Closed

July 3rd Wednesday – Closed

July 4th Thursday-Closed

July 5th Friday  – Open onwards


What should patients expect on their first visit with the Osteopath?

  • Your medical history will be asked.
  • Jose will carry out an Osteopathic Examination (gowns and shorts are provided).
  • Jose will explain to you the current findings.
  • Jose will explain why further tests or investigations are required.
  • Jose will describe what the treatment is involved.
  • Osteopathic treatment will be carried out with  your verbal permission.
  • Advice or exercises may be prescribed.
  • A follow-up visit will be arranged.
  • It is usually expected some change for the better during the first 3-4 visits which indicates that we are on the track in helping the patient get better.

    General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) public register (UK)

    Jose is listed in the GOsC online register verifying his qualification and registration (click here to verify).

    GOsC registration renewal

    To renew his registration yearly, Jose must be in good health and declare any criminal or civil actions against him in the previous 12 months.

    GOsC membership

    Jose's qualification allows him to be registered with GOsC. (UK)

    BSc. MSc. Osteopathy

    Jose has attained a Bachelor's Degree and Masters Degree as required by GOsC to have a University degree.

    Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI)

    In order to practise, Jose must hold a PI insurance.

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    Jose undertakes at least 30 hours on average of CPD courses per year.

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