#001 How much weight can I carry

#001 How much weight can I carry

You can carry 10% of your body weight every day without much problem. So if you weigh 50Kg your safe level to carry is 5Kg,

  • your weight is 55kg – you 10% is 5.5kg
  • your weight is 60kg – your 10% is 6kg
  • your weight is 65kg – your 10% is 6.5kg

Important note: Employers know your physical limitation but at times you would need to tell them if something is too heavy for you. It is ok to ask for help so that you do not injure yourself.

Knowing much you can carry is important in preventing injuries, of course, you can carry more but only for a short period of time.

Common mistakes:

  • Moving house
  • Gardening
  • Moving furniture
  • Carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs
  • Carrying grocery shopping

OPRC Community Project – FDW free treatment Sunday 11th June 2017

OPRC Community Project – Free osteopathic treatment for FDW

Two Sundays a month we offer free Osteopathic treatment to all foreign domestic workers (Myanmar, Indian, Sri Lankan, Indonesian and Filipinas) To date we have provided over 1020 sessions of free treatment. Call 63278545 for this Sunday by appointment only.

Weekday treatments are also available Mon – Fri 9am -6pm.┬áBy appointment only Call 6327 8545.

 FDW free osteopathic treatment

Free Osteopathic treatment for all Foreign Domestic Workers

5th-9th May 2017 Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Jose is attending a paediatric course as part of his professional development and required to maintain his licence with the General Ostepathic Council UK.

His current course in the treatment of babies and children takes him Noosa north of Brisbane, Australia.

May 10th is a public holiday- happy Vesak Day to everyone.

Hence, Jose is back to work on Thursday 11th May 2017.

Please call 6327 8545 for appointments.

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