Lower Back “Lumbago”

General, acute & chronic back ache, back pain.

Lower back pain is a common condition experienced by 70% of the general population. It can range from periodic aches and stiffness to sudden sharp and incapacitating pain. There may be numbness or a tingling sensation down the leg or into the foot. When lower back pain strikes people fear that they have done serious damage to their back, but once the osteopath releases the muscle spasm and begins to move the spinal joints; the fear is replaced with concern with how to prevent another episode.

Important Notes:

  • Nerve compression – numbness, tingling sensation with or without sharp pain down the leg; although trigger points can give the same symptoms
  • Early disc damage – lower back pain only
  • Moderate disc damage – recurring lower back pain with some nerve compression symptoms
  • Severe disc damage – persistent muscle spasm, lower back pain, definite nerve compression symptoms- commonly known as “slipped disc”.
  • Trigger Point Therapy – the release of muscle knots with deep pressure or sterile needles.

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