Neck Pain


Most of us experience neck pain from time to time, the majority is muscular in nature easily treated by self-massage, medication, ointment, and rest. Persistent pain usually involves other structural issues such as joint stiffness and ligament strain, which is why sometimes self-treatment or medication does not work.

When there is no relief from a massage it is best to see an osteopath who will determine which deeper structures require treatment. Regular massages are useful to maintain a certain level of relaxation but should not be confused with treatment which is best done by an osteopath.
Relief from Muscle Stiffness 

Persistent muscle stiffness may be related to postural imbalances such as having poor posture seated at the desk for long periods. Perhaps your pillow is the wrong height causing neck muscles to tighten. The osteopath will show you how to sit properly and do a pillow height test to determine the correct height for the position you sleep.

Relief from Joint Stiffness

Joint stiffness commonly occurs when you sleep exhausted and not move during the night. It’s hard for people to know if they have joint stiffness or just a muscle spasm, they are unable to turn their head freely and at times they feel a sharp pain. Osteopaths are able to feel through the muscle layers of the neck and locate which joints are strained. Through manipulation, neck joints are gently moved rhythmically, stimulating the natural joint lubrication which normalizes the stiffness. The osteopath’s varied techniques are suitable for all ages and most conditions, even after surgery.


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