Shoulder Tension

Osteopathic Treatment of Shoulder Tension

Shoulder tension is almost endemic here in Singapore. The long and stressful hours people spend sitting at desks leave them with muscular discomfort that they carry out of the office like a weight on their shoulders. Short-term relief may be provided by the occasional massage but over time many have come to accept shoulder tension as something that they have to learn to live with.

Osteopathic Medicine has effective methods for combating these problems. Relief from shoulder tension can often be provided quickly and simply so there is no need to put up with these problems any longer.

/Osteopathy and Chronic Tightness

Chronic tightness is that tension all of us have been carrying across our shoulders for all those years. It is the kind of pain often blamed on aging or stress. The real truth behind this tightness is that years of misuse leaves our bodies with an accumulation of muscle spasm and contraction that gradually becomes quite painful. This tightness is almost invariably attributable to muscles that can be treated and relieved easily.

Osteopaths are experts at identifying the pain you experience and finding the root cause. Osteopaths use the combination of expert medical knowledge and highly sensitive hands to manipulate, massage, stretch, and soften the chronic tight muscles that cause your pain. Within a short course of treatment the tightness in your shoulders and neck will evaporate leaving you wishing you had visited much earlier.

/Osteopathy and Stiff Shoulders

The ache and stiffness felt in the shoulders throughout the day is often the accumulation of many stiff and tired muscles compressing the joints between the upper ribs and vertebrae. If you find yourself needing to ‘crack’ your neck or constantly stretch to release tension in these areas, you have problems that can be relieved with Osteopathic treatment.

Osteopaths will use various soft-tissue and joint mobilization techniques to release tension through these. Osteopathic treatment seeks to find the true cause in order to provide pain relief that is longer lasting.

/Osteopathy and Rib Pain

Sprained rib or vertebral joints can cause intense pain and motion restrictions through our shoulders and neck. Left unattended, due course may occasionally see the pain may subsiding but invariably a degree of stiffness persists.

With expert diagnosis and implementation of specific soft-tissue techniques, Osteopaths can address and resolve these issues regardless of whether they have been there for five minutes or five years.

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