Talk on Neck Pain by Bryan Ng for OCBC

A large majority of the patients we see at OPRC are office workers struggling with neck and shoulder pain or stiffness. In many cases, people try to put up with the pain and discomfort for as long as they can, and resort to pain killers or plasters for short term relief. These stop-gap measures, however, only mask the pain symptoms and do not address the underlying causes of neck pain. We believe that in most cases neck pain can be treated and self-managed to minimize its recurrence.


With the above objectives in mind, Bryan conducted 2 sessions of lunch-time talks for the OCBC staff recently in April/May on the topic of neck pain. These talks attracted an audience of almost 200 staff members, and responses from the OCBC staff have so far been positive and encouraging. There were many questions raised including how to improve one’s sitting posture, work desk set-up, and choosing the right pillow to name just a few examples. In view of the enthusiastic response, more talks on similar topics are currently being arranged with OCBC.

If you or your company would like us to conduct such talks for your staff members, please register your interest with us either by calling us at 6327 8545 or via email

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