When did OPRC begin?

Joselito dela Cruz started his own clinic when he qualified as an Osteopath in 1992, he named it “Pain Relief Centre (PRC)” in London UK. His travels since then led him to work in Beijing and Berlin before coming to Singapore in 2001.

OPRC team

OPRC team consists of the front desk staff who are the face and first contact for all our patients. The front desk staff Maz has been with us for many years and have personal experience with osteopathic treatment and clinical massage. Our more recent receptionist Ms Hana has been introduced to our service hence more able to describe our scope of service.

Our clinic computer system allows us to offer treatment even if your main therapist or practitioner is on leave or on holiday. Your continuing recovery is important to us and by having every therapist and Osteopath access to your medical records, your recovery will not be affected. Of course, your medical records are not sold or passed on to unauthorised individuals.

Additional Referral Services

We are interested in your full recovery and at times it may be clinically necessary to refer you for further tests or investigations. We are able to refer for blood tests, food allergy test, Xrays, MRI, Orthopaedic Consultants as well as Yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, Personal trainers etc.

Our promise

We see ourselves as partners to your health and we will do our best to help you and refer you to others when clinically required. We abide by our professional organisation’s code of ethics and strive to offer you our best service. As our tagline says we will try to “Help your body to heal itself.”

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