Update: Evidenced Based Medicine

Update: Evidenced Based Medicine


Osteopathic manipulation is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders for example back pain, neck pain and sports injuries. Manipulation relies on focussed attention to tight muscles, locked joint, strained muscle groups and general stiffness.

Correcting imbalances through manipulation of tissues allows the body to continue repairing and healing itself. The body’s healing potential is further encouraged through advice on stretching, diet, posture correction, sleeping positions, insole prescription, hot/cold compression, yoga and pilates exercises.

Osteopathic manipulation when used on its own or as part of a treatment package with exercise prescription, pain control, and postural advice has been shown to be very effective

Conclusions from Current Research


Testimonial From Claus Ringgaard Director of Eurotainer Asia Pte Ltd, in Singapore.

Testimonial From Claus Ringgaard Director of Eurotainer Asia Pte Ltd, in Singapore. With responsibility for our ISO Tank Container leasing business in Asia Pacific.

“OPRC is unique because….They provide help with your immediate problem as well as long term solutions to ensure the problem do not come back.” read more..

Effective training/loose weight with less injuries

Racer’s Toolbox

If you are looking to loose weight effectively and with less injury, try getting a body composition and fuel efficiency test done at Racers’ Toolbox before you begin your exercise regime. Too many patients train too hard too soon causing injuries because they feel that the more they do the more weight they loose.

Get these two tests done and you will be training more effectively to teach your body to burn fat with less injuries; while being able to track your improvements accurately over time. (more…)

Beyond Spa Massage

Beyond Spa Massage

Clinical Massage @OPRC will relieve your muscle tightness even better, giving you longer pain relief. Our physical therapists can release your deep muscle knots because their clinical experience allows them to work on every muscle layer often missed by others. Experience for yourself this unique and effective way of relieving your stress helping you to be more comfortable at home, work and sports.

You deserve to get better, quicker and faster, book now for your Clinical Massage

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