Testimonial from Becky Vinden

Testimonial from Becky Vinden regarding her experience with Osteopathic and Clinical Massage treatments.

General Questions

1)   Give a brief description of your pains/discomfort and how it happened?

I do a variety of different sports so am often hurting in some place or another!  I first started going to OPRC for neck and shoulder discomfort which arose from everyday activities and working at a computer for long hours.  Later, when I started training for my first marathon, I was suffering from pain in my calves and hips and currently, I am training for my first boxing fight so my shoulders, back and neck have been suffering as a result.

2) How did they affect you / in what way did it affect your life/activities?

Obviously when I am in some sort of pain I can’t perform as well in sports and even when not training the dull aches that I sometimes get can impede daily life and become very tiring.

3) What treatments did you try before and how did you get on? (if applicable)

I have tried physiotherapy previously but it never quite hit the source of the pain and always left me wondering how long it would take for me to feel better.

4) What was your first experience when you first arrived at OPRC with regards to the venue and reception staff?

OPRC is in a convenient location, the reception staff are always friendly and helpful and the place is very modern and clean without having too sterile an atmosphere.  I always feel very comfortable when I’m there.

5) If you can compare- how was your overall experience with the osteopath and the way your problems were examined?

The osteopath (Jose) is always able to target the root of my problems very quickly and immediately start to work on and loosen up the affected areas.

He will always explain exactly what he is doing and why and is very approachable should I have any questions or be seeking advice.  Even if I have a non-related question for example how to improve my general fitness levels I can always get some good, well-founded advice from Jose.

6) How did you feel about your treatment and how did you respond to the treatment?

I always leave OPRC feeling better than when I arrived! The treatment targets the right area and the effects are usually fairly immediate. The osteopathic therapy relieves tension and loosens up the affected areas. I sometimes feel a little bruised the next day especially if I have had trigger point therapy but this subsides in no time and I can definitely feel the benefit of every treatment.

7) Aside from pain relief – were there any other benefits you got from the experience?

Both Jose (osteopath) and Ronald (clinical massage therapist) are always able to advise me how to stretch and what I can do differently to avoid injury in the future.  They understand sports and what I am all about personally so they are always able to give practical advice.  If I have a competition coming up and rest really isn’t practical they understand this and always try to work around the problem.

Please complete the following statements as best as you can.

4a) “Osteopathic treatment helped me by relieving pain, tension and discomfort and enabling me to perform better in my chosen sport.”

4b) “OPRC is unique because the staff are friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable and the treatment gives fast and long lasting relief. It really works!”

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