Testimonial of Marlon Herft

Testimonial of Marlon Herft, Manager, Asia Channel, SkillSoftAsia

1)  Give a brief description of your pains/discomfort and how did it happen

– through boxing and spending a lot of time punching and on my toes I developed elbow and calf pain/discomfort

2) How did they affect you / in what way it affected yourlife/activities.

– at some stage it was uncomfortable to walk and use my computer for work.

3) What treatments did you try before and how did you get on? (if applicable)

– I had been to a physio who gave me some exercises that helped but did not provide any relief or explanation to the treatment.

4) What was you first experience when you first arrived atOPRC with regards to the venue and reception staff?

– the venue is modern and clean, the lady at reception friendly and welcoming.

5) If you can compare- how was your overall experience with the osteopath and the way your problems examined?

– first class, I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with OPRC

6) How did you feel about your treatment and how did you responded to the treatment?

I was unsure of the treatment due to a lack of knowledge. However my osteopath explained to me the cause and effect of my injuries, and why the certain treatment would work and how.

7) Aside from pain relief – where there other benefits did you receive from the experience?

A trust in a medical practice I had no idea about prior.

8) Do you have any further comments to share?

only that OPRC is the most professional, friendly, well priced practices in Singapore.

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