Testimonial from Claus Ringgaard

Testimonial From Claus Ringgaard Director of Eurotainer Asia Pte Ltd, in Singapore.
With responsibility for our ISO Tank Container leasing business in Asia Pacific.

1)  Give a brief description of your pains/discomfort and how did it happen?

The main area of concern have been a stiff neck and spasm between the shoulder blades.
The reason for the problems probably originated from years of carrying heavy suitcases around the world and from improper working positions in front of the computer.

2) How did they affect you / in what way it affected your life/activities?

The stiff neck and spasm between the shoulder blades kept me from doing my usual exercise activities such as biking and golfing.

3) What treatments did you try before and how did you get on? (if applicable)

None – Came straight to OPRC.

4) What was your first experience when you first arrived at OPRC with regards to the venue and reception staff?

Very professional impression.

5) If you can compare- how was your overall experience with the osteopath and the way your problems examined?

Again a very professional evaluation of the situation, followed by a good plan for improving the condition and well and great advise on how to improve the condition long term by exercises and better posture.

6) How did you feel about your treatment and how did you respond to the treatment?

Felt immediate pain relief and by following the good advises and by regular follow ups, I am able to improve my condition and keep the problems under control.

7) Aside from pain relief – where there other benefits did you receive from the experience?

Yes, aside from the immediate pain relief, I have been able to improve my general condition and to stop the pain from coming back.

Specific questions particular to your experience as a sports person

1) Describe how you responded to the osteopathic treatment.

They provided pain relief and improved the mobility of the joint.

2) Describe how you responded to the clinical massage.

They helped to ensure to problems were kept under control and also gradually helped to improve my flexibility.

3) How did you respond to the combination of osteopathic treatment and clinical massage?

The combination has allowed me to carry on with my business and have ensured that I could get back to enjoying my sport activities such as golf and biking.

Please complete the following statements as best as you can.

4a) “Osteopathic treatment helped me by…….providing pain relief and improved mobility of the joint and long term better posture.”

4b)“Clinical Massage helped me by….keeping the problem under control and by gradually helping me to improve my flexibility.”

4b) “OPRC is unique because….They provide help with your immediate problem as well as long term solutions to ensure the problem do not come back.”

5) As a business man I would recommend OPRC because…….I have only had positive results from the services provided by OPRC and because I know they are straight forward and would tell you if you come with a problem, which they cannot help you with.”

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