As an osteopath I help my patients by relieving their pain and discomfort, but part of this process is to help patients to be in better health. Having at least 80% energy in the mornings will help them cope with what life throws at them, they also have energy to continually resolve injuries and stress.

A memory of feeling refreshed and full of energy

Treatment can help your body remember what it had before – feeling that you can do more in a day and have spareĀ  energy to go for a walk, run or do sports, to be able to sleep easily, and be able to quieten your mind before sleep. You may not remember the last time you felt great but your body does and with treatment your system can reset to a natural state of ease. Your body has the memory to function towards a better health it just needs help getting there. Sometimes I call this “re-booting” its what you do when your computer hangs from too many applications working at the same time. During re-booting your body resets itself, re-organizes and works in a better way. For the patient your vision becomes clearer and you can “see” more and feel lighter in yourself.

More energy means coping better with life

Like most people you are coping with life as best as you can, you may not catch flu or suffer joints pain often but could you cope even better?

Most injuries from ankle sprain, low back pain and neck pain can heal faster if the body has enough energy to de-stress or unwind itself. Remember in your younger days- you just recovered with little effort. This is still possible with treatment given that your body is designed to repair and normalise itself. Without noticing it, your body will heal a simple cut; ongoing repairs persists daily doing its job as best as it can. Getting treatment guides your body towards health helping to increase your energy which in turn helps your healing process.

You might say you are coping well and relatively healthy butĀ  are you really healthy?

Answer Yes, only:

  • if you can wake up every morning with at least 80% re-charged energy, feeling refreshed, get through the day and still have energy to participate in sports.
  • if you don’t rely on 3 cups of coffee or stimulants to kick start or maintain your energy levels.
  • if your body can recover from stress patterns or injuries, easily
  • if you can get to unwind at night and have a quietened mind before sleep.
  • if you sleep soundly and relaxed during the night without clenching, grinding your teeth or snoring.

If not, then consider having osteopathic treatment to “help your body to heal itself”.

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