I saw a patient yesterday who complained of neck and low back pain, after examining him I realized he had “lax ligaments”,  though he had known before he did not know how to manage the situation. Lax ligaments refer to most of your ligaments being looser than normal, gymnasts are classic example of having very lax ligaments.

Having lax ligaments allows you to be more flexible and practicing yoga becomes very easy. However you become prone to joint degeneration and compression. Your worst enemy is being too tired and fatigued either by stress, emotion, physical or low sugar.

Having lax ligaments means your muscles have to work harder to support your joints but once you are tired then your muscles give way and your joints are vulnerable- for some early arthritis may develop.

Things to avoid– sitting or lying on very soft furniture or unsupported chairs, sitting still for long tires your muscles.

Things you should do: exercise to increase stamina rather bursts of heavy activity, long walks or light jogging rather than fast or heavy running, don’t let your energy drain or miss meals, keep emotions on an even keel.

When problems arise the osteopath can reduce your muscle and joint strain, rebalance your compressions and stiffness and come earlier for treatment to reduce further damage.

Clinical massage can help loosen tight muscles but you have to combine it with stamina exercises to regain muscle control.

Let the osteopath examine you and find out if you too have lax ligaments, Call OPRC 6327 8545 for your examination.  Jose@oprc director and senior osteopath.

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