This month starts the project with Dover Park Hospice Singapore. A sponsor has kindly offered to support the treatment of nurses working at the Hospice. Nurses are treated for free at OPRC and receive regular osteopathic treatment.

To date 12 sessions have been allocated to the nurses and at least three sessions are available on the daily basis. The project will last for 3-4 months and additional training will be scheduled at the Hospice to address long term relief through exercise and health advice.

The overall aim for this project is to optimize the nurses’ health, reduce musculoskeletal related problems and improve overall health management. Nurses are the care givers within a hospice setting and are often neglected in their contribution to the experience of a terminally ill patient.

As each of us have experienced, being compassionate is easier when we are well in ourselves; it is hoped that osteopathic treatment will give these care givers a better sense of health.

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