Advice from your osteopath: how to maximize treatment process

We would like each patient to respond well to our treatments. However, patients also need to be aware that their state of health can slow the treatment process.

Treatment is a partnership process we can only help you if you help yourself. Maximize your treatment potential by doing the following suggestions:

Hydrate yourself through the day

Not drinking enough fluids causes internal stress in your system, being parched or thirsty is a sign of dehydration. It’s more difficult to treat you when your body is already under strain from dehydration: your body is slower to respond and the changes are incomplete.

  • Aim to drink 1.5 – 2 litres per day of fluids, though minus 1.5 cups for every cup of coffee you drink. For those who exercise additional fluids and salts are important to take regularly. Don’t forget to continue over the weekend which is easily forgotten- make a conscious effort.

5 min mind exercise 3 times a day sounds easy but is the hardest thing to do.

We live in a very busy modern life with lots of distractions and over stimulation.

  • To help rebalance your nervous system, sit back, close your eyes and just feel what it is like to feel happy/or feel calm for 5minutes- you have to use a timer/count down. The point of this exercise is to give your mind a break and the emotion produced helps reduce the over production of stress hormone called “cortisol”. Over time you will get good at evoking sense of ease in your self – but only if you persevere.

This sense of ease in yourself is the normal state and being on “edge” or “stress” is a sign your body needs to re-set a few times a day. We have the ability to produce our own stress relieving medication – it’s free and has no side effects. With this ability to sense ease in yourself, your response to treatment will be much better and long lasting.

Importance of winding down your mind

“Adrenaline junky” is an apt name for those unable to do relax and inconstant need for stimulation. Could this be you?

  • A 45min daily routine before going to bed is important to wind down our brain activity, like most machines our brain over works during the day, doing something “mindless” e.g. flicking thru magazine, clearing stuff, listening to music, any activity that reduces stimulation helps to wind down your mind.

This 45min wind down daily routine will help your mind rebalance giving you better sleep, your body systems including hormones are more balanced making you less susceptible to diseases and immune problems. This routine will definitely make your treatment last longer.

Does it work?

We’ve had patients come off the most potent and potentially addictive sleeping tablets combined with muscle relaxants. Over time together with osteopathic treatment and following the suggestions above they managed to regain back control of their lives.

Life is a balancing act- let oprc help your body to heal itself.

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Update: Evidenced Based Medicine

Update: Evidenced Based Medicine


Osteopathic manipulation is used to treat musculoskeletal disorders for example back pain, neck pain and sports injuries. Manipulation relies on focussed attention to tight muscles, locked joint, strained muscle groups and general stiffness.

Correcting imbalances through manipulation of tissues allows the body to continue repairing and healing itself. The body’s healing potential is further encouraged through advice on stretching, diet, posture correction, sleeping positions, insole prescription, hot/cold compression, yoga and pilates exercises.

Osteopathic manipulation when used on its own or as part of a treatment package with exercise prescription, pain control, and postural advice has been shown to be very effective

Conclusions from Current Research


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