Osteopathic Therapy

Helping your body to heal itself. 


As an Osteopath, I help people suffering from body ailments often related to injuries from over working in the office, injuries from sporting activities, stress related tension, pregnancy related tensions, manual labor injuries, recreational injuries etc. I help by correcting imbalances in the tissues and using a variety of techniques that  helps the person’s healing abilities overcome their problems.

After 27 years of practice, I have a very good sense of finding which tissues in the body that are strained or stressed. I particularly like working with the person’s healing mechanism to rebalance their body and encourage its full potential back to normal health.

– Mr. Joselito dela Cruz BSc. MSc. Osteopathy UK, Senior Osteopath at OPRC


Osteopathic Manipulation

Biodynamics Cranial Osteopathy

Trigger Point Therapy (Dry Needling)

Arthritic Pain


Digestion problems


Circulatory problems


Frozen shoulder/ shoulder and elbow pain/ tennis elbow

Joint pains

Hip and knee pain

General, acute & chronic backache, back pain

Generalised aches and pains


Migraine prevention


Rheumatic pain

Sports injuries and tensions

Inability to relax


Hip and knee pain

Muscle spasms

Neck pain

What should patients expect on their first visit with the Osteopath?

  • Your medical history will be asked.
  • We will carry out an Osteopathic Examination (gowns and shorts are provided).
  • We will explain to you our current findings.
  • We will explain why further tests or investigations are required.
  • We will describe what the treatment is involved.



  • Osteopathic treatment will be carried out with  your verbal permission.
  • Advice or exercises may be prescribed.
  • A follow-up visit will be arranged.

We usually expect some change for the better during the first 3-4 visits which indicates that we are on the track in helping the patient get better.

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